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2020 Ohio Prospects League Playoffs and Championship Day

By John Mengelkamp, 07/30/20, 4:30PM EDT


The Ohio Prospects League held its 4th annual City Championship Day at Victory Park.  These will determine the best 10u-14u teams in Northeast Ohio.

Originally scheduled in mid-July, The OPL moved the games back since the season did not start until the end of May.  This has given teams an extra two weeks to try to make up games that were missed in April and May.

Because of a shortage of field times, the OPL ran the semifinals and championship games over two days--July 28 & 29th this season.  For 2021, we expect to go back to our one day format.

Teams will pay for umpires and field costs for semifinal games.  For the championship games, the OPL will pay for the fields and umpires.

Here is the results for the OPL Semifinals and Championship Games:


10u Division Semifinal and Championship Game 

--6:00 pm  T3 Elite Black 7  Nordonia Knights 6

--8:15 pm  IVL Baseball 9 T3 Elite Black 1  at VP #8

12u American Division Semifinal 

--6:00 pm Ohio Longhorns 5  Stallions ML 1 at VP #5

--6:00 pm Stallions CP 14  Fielder's Choice 3 at VP #6

12u American Division Championship Game 

--8:30 pm  Ohio Longhorns 5  Stallions CP 4 at VP #6

12u National Division Championship Game

8:30 pm  Broadview Hts. Eagles 8  T3 Elite Red 7  at VP #5

14u American Division Semifinals Victory Park #7

6:00 pm Twinsburg Tigers 12  T3 Elite Black 8

8:30 pm  Diamond Hit Club TA 4  Full Tilt Baseball 0

14u National Division Semifinals 

6:00 pm  Kenston Bombers 10   Olmsted Falls Bulldogs 7 at Olmsted Falls H.S.

6:00 pm  Outlaws 10  Players I Bulls 5 at Solon Community Park


11u Division Championship Game 

--6:00 pm  Lake Erie Warhawks JB 7   T3 Elite 5 at Wellington

13u American Division Semifinals

6:00 pm  Rawlings Diamond Boys Select 10  T3 Elite Black 5 at VP #5

6:00 pm  Force Knights 17  T3 Elite Red 11 at VP #6

13u American Division Championship Game

--8:30 pm Rawlings Diamond Boys Select 13  Force Knights 3 VP#6

13u National Division Championship Game 

--8:30 pm  Twinsburg Tigers 13  North Coast Rebels 3 at VP #5

14u National Division Championship Game

--6:00 pm  Outlaws 10  Kenston Bombers 3 at VP #7

14u American Division Championship Game

--8:30 pm  Twinsburg Tigers 15  Diamond Hit Club 8 at VP#7