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League Bat Rules For The 14U -13U - 12U Divisions

04/29/2017, 5:15pm EDT
By Admin


--BASEBALLS:  14u-18u uses Diamond D1-NFHS.  12u-13u uses USSSA Rawlings Baseballs.

--BATS:  15u-18u uses BBCOR -3 Bat.  14u American uses BBCOR -3.  14u National may use -5 bat.  13u uses bpf 1.15 max barrel of 2 5/8.  12u uses bpf 1.15 max barrel of 2 ¾

Non-compliant bat list:

--FIELD:  14u- 18u uses regulation high school 60’ 90’.  13u uses 54’80’ field.  12u uses 50’70’ field.

--SPIKES:  Metal Spikes are not allowed for the 12u division

--ROSTER BAT:  Only 12u may roster bat.  All other age groups may bat an additional hitter (max of 10 in lineup)

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